Davis Aerospace H.S.

Definitions of Community & Top 5 Issues

*Definition of Community - Individually and as a Class

1. Da Hood
2. A neighborhood in which people live and work together to make things better and come together to get things done.
3. The environment that you are in.
4. A chain of neighbors working together and around the neighborhood.
5. The ghetto or hood or projects
6. A place where people help around the neighborhood to clean up for the children.
7. A place where people live and pay taxes to the city.
8. A group of people that care, someone who takes care of their property.
9. It is unity working together
10. It is a group of people or animals who interact with each other in a small area.
11. It is a place where you live and care about everything in your power to keep it clean and safe.
12. A group of people that live, communicate, and share ideas in an area.
13. A community is a group of people living and working together to form a more perfect nation.
14. A group living in the same area or having the same interest.
15. A community is a place where a group of people work and live.
16. A community is an area where people live and make choices by having town discussions.
17. A group of people who are part of a neighborhood or city
18. A population of people in a certain area who all have mostly the same goals and have an interest in bettering their area.
19. A small city where the citizens run businesses and work together to achieve a specific goal.
20. When every one joins together as one.
21. A group of people who are willing to interact.
22. The area in which you live.
23. It's the people and their surroundings.
24. Is a place where people live together or in the ghetto.
25. It's a group of people of different nationalities or not, helping one another in times of needs, caring about each other, sticking together beautifying their neighborhood and doing whatever it takes to get the mayor, president, govt. to take care of public issues.
26. A group of people who ideals and goals are the same, they dwell in one area making advances to make a difference.
27. A place that a lot of people come together to help each other with local problems in their city or even the state.
Class Consensus of what Community is:
A community is a group of people who have ideas and goals are the same and they make advances to make a difference.

Mr. Brennan's
*Top 5 Issues on the Agenda*

3rd Hour Issues

1. Roads
2. Public Safety
3. Better Schools (learning environment)
4. More/Improved public recreation (centers/parks/opportunities)
5. More businesses downtown

4th Hour Issues

1. Cleaner Community
2. Better Schools
3. Improved Public Transportation (emphasis on busses)
4. Improved police protection
5. Remove/renovate abandoned houses/buildings

5th Hour Issues

1. Public Safety
2. More/Improved public recreation (Centers/parks/opportunities)
3. Remove/Renovate abandoned buildings
4. Improve quality of city services/workers
5. Better teachers