Butzel Middle School

Roy Ferrantini's Update on his Class--With Explanation and Results

1. Each student wrote their own personal mission statement. They observed the teacher as he formulated a mission statement of his own and went over the mental process aloud. Students would voice what they thought should be included while trying to answer, "Why am I here?" and in conjunction with that idea - "What should I be doing here?" Students wrote a list of goals-then a list of their attributes and actions. Each entered their mission statement into their school planner book.
2. Students took each of the agenda questions separately on different days.
3. The students went into their neighborhood and asked their families and polled the following questions: "Who are the mayoral candidates." "What do the candidates say they want to do as Mayor?" "When is the election?" "How many adults did you approach and ask, "Are you registered to vote?" "How many gave positive responses?" "How many gave negative responses?" "How many were willing to accept a voter registration form?" "How many did you see fill in the form?"

Results from the poll will be posted later as well as samples of mission statements (personal and for the class). Students have been collecting newspaper articles about the Mayoral Campaign as an ongoing homework assignment.

Poll Results from 19 Students

Did you ask any adults "Are you registered?" = 147 Yes
How many answered "yes"? = 112 Yes
How many answered "no"? = 35 No
Did you give anyone the Voter Registration
Forms to be fill-out? = 18 yes
How many forms were given out in total = 23 forms
Did you actually observe anyone filling the forms out? := 0
Did you observe anyone deliver or mail the form? = 0

Of the 24 students, 19 responded to the survey on time.

·The purpose of the original exercise was to engage students in a dialogue with their adult relatives and friends about voter registration and the upcoming election.

·Sample statements were on merit of contribution of student at various literacy levels could participate as opposed to literacy merit or grammatical ability.