community issues


1. Safe Drivers, Monitor Traffic, More Police, Decrease Drug Dealers
2. More Trash Cans to decrease Littering, Littering
3. More Affordable College, More Loans for youth, No interest for financial Aid
4. Change Standardized testing, more interesting educational programs for older teens
5. More homes, abandoned homes, Decrease in homelessness
6. Repair roads, repair or more street lights
7. Free Swimming Pools
8. Better organization of HOSA
9. Better teachers, organized, will accept ideas, listen to students, accept constructive criticism
10. Respect for authority
11. Better bussing
12. Better bus stops-shelters
13. More jobs for students
14. Change yield to stop signs
15. Share family responsibility
16. More parks
17. More playgrounds with fun equipment
18. Unity
19. Put together Activities
20. Activities closer to home
21. More Youth Activities for older teens & Clean Alleys