Ms. Brown's Second Hour
Important Leadership Qualities
Experience Responsible
Dependable Intelligent-Street-wise & Academic
Money Management City Management
Should be more involved in both schools and community

Issue Agenda
Abandoned Buildings Police Corruption
Housing for the Homeless Better Spending of City Funds
Effectively deal with Trash Redevelopment in the Neighborhoods
Tourism Better Schools

As of October 17th, the class would vote for the following mayoral candidates:
Kilpatrick with 11 votes, 6 were undecided with 5 votes for Hill

Ms. Shannon's Third Hour Class

Issue Agenda
Teenage Pregnancy Abandoned Buildings
Drugs Empty Lots
Violence Schools need to be fixed
Racial Discrimination Crime
Streets/Potholes More Police for protection
Less Police Profiling More Community Activities
Need to clean up Rec Centers More attention need to paid to the youth

Important Leadership Skills
Experience in Politics Good Communicator
Listen to the People Needs to be Progressive
Good Management Skills Needs to be Focused
Efficient Be a Leader
Must be Determined Strong Attitude



Ms. Peggy Brown's social studies and government classes
These are questions from the students for the mayoral candidates:

1.What can we expect specifically from either of you in the change of redeveloping of neighborhoods and police corruption?
Chantal (last name withheld)
2.How do you feel about sports and better recreation facilities in the schools and the city?
3. What type of student were you in high school?
Taurus Thompson, for both candidates
4.Mr. Kilpatrick, how do you feel about surrendering water rights in Detroit?
5. How do you feel about diversity in Detroit, and how will you deal with racism?
Aquila Ahmed
6. Are you against homosexuals, please explain your comment "I don't want my sons exposed to the gay lifestyle?
Eda Amelia Melendez
7. How do you better plan to use city funding?
William Brame
8.Will Detroit Public Schools receive benefits and upgrading for books and any other educational needs like the suburban schools?
Myron Page
9. How would you guarantee us that you will do everything you say you are going to do? Will it happen? Carol Montanez
10.How will you make our community better? Demetria Kidd