Arnold Apple's 1st, 5th, and 7th

First Hour's Student Issues & Concerns for Candidates

More Mentoring Programs
Increased School Supplies
Improve Food Inspection Process
Improve Alcohol License Process
Increase Availability for Low Income Recipients
Improve Infrastructure Maintenance
More Professionalism for Public Service
Improve Security (Police, schools, airports, and public business)
Affirmative Action (maintaining)
Increase After-School Activities
Abandoned Houses (demolition)
Child Care Open Later
Increase Business Opportunities
Increase Recreation Centers
Increase Drug Treatment and Education
Increase Police Presence
Better Nursing Facilities

Fifth Hour's Issues and Concerns

1. Tear Down Abandoned Buildings
2. More Police on the Street
(Faster Police Response)
(Improve Animal Control)
(Improve Traffic Light Location)
(Improve Traffic Signals)
(Improve Street Maintenance)
(Improve Sanitation)-clean up crew
(Improve City Transportation)-buses/cabs-adjusting cab fare
3. Improve School Security (metal detectors)
4. Better Housing for Homeless
5. Improve Street Lightening
6. More Recreational Centers
7. Improve Detroit Public Library (up-to-date)
8. Teen Pregnancy
9. More Concerned Eduated Teachers
10. More Modern up-to-date Schools
11. Improve Technoology (academics, school supplies)
12. Expand Facilities for Expecting Teens
13. Increase Minimum Wage
14. Decrease School Hours
15. Increase Age for Work Permits

Seventh Hour's Issues and Concerns

Teacher creditability (Treating Students Fairly)
Better Police Protection (Faster Response Time)
Better Use of City Budget
Better City Maintenance (Streets)
More Homeless Shelters (More Support Groups-More Resources)
Abolish Abandoned Buildings
Rape of Teenage Girls (schools) (transportation) (General)
Increase Employment Opportunities
Increase and Improve Teen Pregnancy Facilities
Cleaner Schools
Increase Sex Education Programs
More and Better Recreational Facilities (Parks and Recreation)
Better Scholarship Programs